Friday, March 19, 2010

Paranormal Realty

So, we are slightly amused that an agent in Ohio was able to sell Jeffrey Dahmer's house... and we still can't sell ours!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Could it be?

Could it be that I seriously haven't posted a blog in SEVEN MONTHS????? How is this even possible? More importantly, why am I not laying on the beach drinking margaritas seven months after we first listed our house?

Let's bring you up to speed on the seventh circle of hell that Josh and I have been living during our blog-absence... We have had COUNTLESS showings on our house - imagine spending between two and four hours a day cleaning...everyday! Some of these showings were actually no-shows. Really, people? You're going to call and make an appointment that requires an average of three hours of preparation on another person's behalf (not to mention the two hours that we are forbidden to be in the house) and then... NOT SHOW UP? Not even call? Lucky for you that your identity remains anonymous, because otherwise, you might want to watch over your shoulder in dark alleys!

We've had Realtors leave our front door open (I'm not talking about unlocked, but OPEN, as in, WIDE), we've had Realtors cancel their showing the day after they were supposed to be there, we've had Buyers who couldn't afford within $50k of the original asking price. All in all, it is a zoo out there! What is with the wild west of real estate? Shouldn't this be an exact science at this point?

And yet, somehow, even amidst the insanity of the process, we are still optimistic. We've drastically reduced our asking price and are starting to get some interest generated. Good timing, because I've lost interest... Completely!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blog Lovin'

So yeah, I love the blog Faces in Places.

Entertaining, artistic, colorful, fun. Nothing more needs to be said. Check it out for yourself!

Bathroom Remodel

Josh's last few weeks have been dedicated to doing a bathroom remodel for the fabulous Petty family... And the almost-finished results are so incredibly awesome that we think it definitely deserves a post!!

Let me preface this by saying: this is an extremely busy family with FOUR (yes: one, two, three, four) kids under the age of 14! Having their bathroom torn apart for three weeks was, I'm sure, a big experience for these guys. Josh and I are just delighted that they will be able to get some kiddie-free time in their new grown-up master bathroom! Second, Monsieur Petty happens to work with me and is unfortunate enough to have to put up with the daily shenanigans of myself and my doppelganger,
Allison. So, a big round of applause goes to Ryan for having a new place to relax after dealing with the two of us all day!

Check out the redo below:

Before. Certainly not a bad looking before, but Ryan and Elizabeth actually have not used this shower since they moved in over a year ago!! A tub support issue combined with a little urine smell (see their blog for the explanation!) created a master bathroom that rendered itself useless to them.

They had the idea to just nix the tub all together. Introduce: BIG OL' SHOWER, a great friend to those of us who enjoy our bathroom time!

Out goes the safety hazard, in goes the shower.

Diggin' on the mosaic tile. Good choice!

A vaulted ceiling + tiles that go allll the way to the top = awesome!

Brand spankin' new floor all matchy matchy.

All in all, this bathroom ROCKS! Hopefully Elizabeth will post some completely finished pics when it is all said and done - I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daily Obsession Part Deux and Lucky Fiona GIVE AWAY!

Okay, okay I've had a couple new obsessions this week - but they have been very obsession-worthy items, if you ask me!! Check out these fabulous Lucky Fiona dog collars that have us droolin' like dogs! I ordered the "Poindexter" collar for my Jack Russell, Jonas - and to commemorate the occasion, Josh and I will be giving away a Lucky Fiona collar to one lucky reader's dog (or cat): all you have to do is email a photo of your beloved pet(s) with a little bio of your four-legged friend (funny stories would be great!) to Make sure to put "LUCKY FIONA" in the subject line and include your pet's collar measurements as these are custom made to size. The winner will be picked at random from all submissions received by November 6th.

"Poindexter", above

Let the games begin!

Family Fun!

We have recently discovered that our son likely has a gluten allergy - which has forced us to explore a more creative side of cooking at home... I had been planning on making fun and festive Halloween cupcakes, so the new gluten-free rule was really throwing us for a loop in terms of baking - and then, down from the heavens comes Betty Crocker's new Gluten-Free baking mixes (cue choir singing).

We are happy to report that they are mmm mmm good and 100% wheat gluten free! See our cupcake excapades below:

Sash used an entire tube of the gel color on one cupcake.

Yummy Mummy

The blood splatter cupcake is my favorite!

Everyone loves a googly-eyed monster.

Makeover Complete!

Ben and Jill finished their bedroom makeover and I am proud to present the results! They say:

"Thanks for all your advice and any further comments would be great! Gotta learn somehow! right... A few simples differences as we couldn't get everything exact. We haven't found the lamps so without spending too much we bought new shades for the ones we had. Installed some floating shelves, bought Decor items, refinished the vanity as you said, funnily enough I still had the mirror to it to! I also added new hardware and even used a stainless steel paint spray on the mirror bolts. I didn't get to the fabric store so Wal-Mart supplied the fabric, which I made pillow cases the new comforter cover and cushion for the vanity. We also bought a floor lamp as our room has no lighting other than the bedside lamps. We found some white curtains and a bamboo shade. As for the storage, we found this neat white shelve setup at $19 which can fit 6 fabric cubes, we opted for 4 as Jill has a few books plus the alarm. The Rocking chair we picked up for $20 from craigslist which is great for Jill's nursing of Brodie and his current crib is a co-sleeper which we wheel in and out. The changing table is still there for the time being. Overall we're stoked to have this extra room again and being able to breathe. Overall its come together nicely. We hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks again for the advice. Overall we spent about $250 Ben Jill and Brodie"

Congrats to the Southgate fam!